Julia Henderson

Frontline Faces of Covid-19, Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe

My best friend, Dr. Dena Bloomenthal, is an Obstetrician. I was inspired when she wrote, “Today I’m not going to think about how awful it feels to approach distressed women in masks and gowns and face shields. I’m not going to wish that I could see the smiles of my favorite nurses, while babies make their way into the world. We are all having trouble smiling anyways. How do you show compassion while wearing goggles? I never realized the degree to which I communicate by expression, by touch. It’s all gone. I am a scary robot.” . . . I came up with the idea to create portraits of our brave Frontline Workers wearing their Personal Protective Equipment. My goal was to help transform our perception of the personal protective equipment from something scary to something that still showed the beauty of these workers and honoured the sacrifices they are making. I wanted to create art that would make them feel beautiful, loved, supported, appreciated, and inspired. This is an expression of collective gratitude for their sacrifice and hard work.
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