Anna Rubina

Get Your Shot To Come Back To What You Long Forgot

This mixed media piece, primarily consisting from oil paints and acrylics was directly to made for the Amplifier Art «Vaccinated» competition/campaign. The calming and bright, yet rather cold, “flat” and emotionally empty appearance of flowers and butterflies, on a contrast to a smooth, even soapy texture and finish of the portrait is further emphasized by the solid color fill of the world map outline and a writing on the right-hand side, “Nothing Feels Real, but Us”. Moreover, the flowers were drawn using acrylics, whereas the portrait was produced using oil paints to emphasise that difference to the maximum. In truly excruciating and incredibly difficult times that we are living now, I keep seeing and, quite frankly, thinking the same phrase to myself - with lockdowns one after another, life through the screen and solitude makes me feel like the only “real” thing that is left is people. We can truly make a difference. We, as individuals, can act towards the better collective future, and we need to learn how to trust the system again. Get Your Shot To Come Back To What You Long Forgot!
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