Rosa Hernandez

Global Unity

I drew this image in an effort to contribute to positive global change during this COVID-19 pandemic. The Global Unity artwork includes many messages. The painted nails represents countries around the world, all dealing with this pandemic to varying degrees. The seven beads on the wrist of the middle arm has dual significance; one being the representation of each continent as well as can be considered prayer beads which are used across many religions and spiritual beliefs. The circular shape of the beads is symbolic of earth and the continuous/never ending energy that we are all are a part of. The advice is written in English and also available in Spanish. The 5 pieces of advice were taken from the World Health Organization website. The hope is that together we can use our collective energy to flatten the curve hence the fists of resistance smashing into the curve. Each fist with varying skin pigmentation as a reminder that we are all affected by this pandemic.
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