Jeff Sumerel

Going Viral

Travelers Rest, SC - Multimedia artist, Jeff Sumerel, a South Carolina native, recently found a way to channel his concern about the dismissive attitude many people in South Carolina seem to have about the Covid-19 global health crisis. Especially when it reached the point of Governor Henry McMaster allowing the state to become one of only four in the country without a stay-at-home order. With that, and hearing President Trump continuing to refer to himself as a war-time president, Sumerel was led to explore how graphic artists during World War II created pointed works to support, guide, and encourage a nation entering dire straits. Sumerel felt the spirit, sacrifice, and unity of that time captured in those WWII works juxtaposed with today's crisis and a doubtful, fragmented public might spark, even if in a small way, the desire to adjust our lifestyles for the greater good of everyone. Currently, Sumerel has created six posters that can be seen and made available by contacting him at: www.aconcernofsomekind.org PRESS CONTACT; Jeff Sumerel 864-787-3360
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