Jasmine Welsh

Goodstock: As long as it takes

At a time when events are being cancelled all over the world and a return to normality seems further away than ever, it’s important to remember that not every performance has been cancelled. All over the world, people are pulling out all the stops to do their bit in the fight against COVID-19. From the nurses, doctors and other health workers on the front lines to teachers taking remote classes and stay-at-home workers giving up their weekends to deliver food to vulnerable loved ones, everyone is doing their part. Basically, those who are still working hard to keep us all going, you should be celebrated like those rockstars, and have your name plastered all over! Tickets are free, but limited to one per household. Held at your home, easy to get a front-row spot. The visuals are a modern interpretation of the original, iconic Woodstock posters. The ‘hand washing with dove’ illustration is an updated version of the original. Created from a lattice of broken ‘fragments’, each representing a country, a household, or a person. Even though each piece is different, small or large they cannot work without the others.
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