Tamara Belinda

Growth Blooms from Overcoming Great Challenge

'Growth Blooms from Overcoming Great Challenge’ is a visual representation of what facing adversity does for one’s mind, spirit, and personal growth. During this difficult time, collectively, we have been challenged with a new way of thinking and doing. Because of this great challenge, we are faced with our highest potential for growth. Growth and mental expansion are being symbolized here by the lotus flower and its placement. In spiritual beliefs, the lotus flower represents the crown chakra which is located at the top of the head. This image takes that symbolism and makes it real by placing the lotus flower on the crown of the head. Because of its unique transformation, the lotus flower is regarded as a symbol for rebirth and triumph over obstacles. The lotus flower grows out of dark and muddy water. Like the lotus flower, we have been planted to learn and grow from our experience of dealing with COVID-19. While the blooming lotus flower can be assumed to be female, this figure is faceless to represent every human mind, regardless of race or sex. The background pattern represents the COVID-19 challenge as the health issue that it is within the reality of life and death. It is important to note that without death, new life cannot be created or flourish. Only with death, can there be space for something new. When viewing the pattern on the face mask, you may notice a smile. Since this is the part of the face that cannot be seen when wearing a face mask, a smile is still felt from the medical workers and those in service, sending hope and love to the many who need and are grateful for their help.
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