Junior Jimenez

Hands On Prev-Ed

"Hands On" is a visual campaign that asks the community to take part on the current "solution alternatives" we have until we find the final solution, a vaccine or a cure for the COVID-19. "Hands On PREV-ED" reminds us that Education and Prevention is everything when a virus comes. The hand is a metaphor for health awareness (wash your hands) salute, care and the most humanly action that has to be avoided, the act of touching... The virus shaped by the letter C for COVID and the number 19 for 2019. The icon of the virus is broken by a blue star representing the cure. To all the Drs. Fouci out there... The ones that seek the truth based on facts, knowledge and science. We salute you today and always. The poster closes with a call to action line. Stay aware, Stay healthy, Stay at home, Stay in touch, Stay alive. Hello Drs. Fauci of the world. Thank you for spreading contagious knowledge and helpful education.
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