Hannah Yorba

Health Care Inequity Kills

This entire month I’ve been following news articles and interviews from some of the hardest hit places in the United States such as Chicago and New York. I credit Dr. Uché Blackstock for inspiring me, she was the first person I saw speaking up about inequities in our healthcare system that made her afraid for people of color in the U.S. that are being disproportionately affected right now by Covid-19. Her words “We were in a crisis already” resonated with me, and after reading an interview she did with PBS, I went back up the page to re-read the title: “Covid-19 May Not Discriminate Based on Race, but U.S. Health Care Does.” Many news articles I’ve noticed have a similar title, sharing this “new” story on how Covid-19 is revealing racial inequities in the U.S. I made this poster because I believe it’s something even more people should be aware of, before the next pandemic comes along. Part of “being in this together” also means taking care of those who are the most vulnerable.
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