Pratiksha Tandon

Horrid Dreams (Design Fights Covid)

For these times are horrid, uncertain and painful. The men in the family (head of the family) are terrorised with dreams and thoughts of how they are going to sustain their families. Be it a local businessman, a small scale entrepreneur with a start-up, a sales guy, a farmer, an electrician, a sweeper, a plumber, restaurant owner, service providers and so many more roles our fathers play. With voices haunting them for the loans they have to repay, for the interests the bank is going to charge, for the rent they have to pay in spite having no earnings, for the bills which have to be paid, for the business which has to be started over, for the families of those connected with him he has to sustain, for the times he has to just look fine because the family should not feel the chills. . . These are the fears and voices that he fights every night, waking up with a smile just so that the family stays happy in such challenging times. Stay Indoors, Talk more, Listen more, Help each other and Stay safe. Now is the time we fight it together as a family.
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