Don Wesley

How Dare Us

Many people see these young women like Greta Thunberg depicted as heroes, and that is a suitable entry point to my work. However, I created the Empathy Mirrors series to offer an alternate take on who is the hero. I propose that Malala, Emma, Greta and others like them are merely sirens calling out for help and support. Via seeing our own reflections, expanded in size via the convex mirrors, we become larger than life. You and I, with our access, influence, and empathy become the needed heroes to answer the siren's call. We can make the changes needed for our planet. We have the power, and must summon the courage to make those changes. Change can begin on the smallest of levels, at home and then in your community The more we invest in best practices and conscientious living, the greater chance we have of influencing others to do the same. We need to make the world a hospitable place for the next generation and for ourselves now. Through empathy, I believe we can achieve this important goal.
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