Matthew Miller

Hygiene is Medicine

A fashion illustration by Sunflowerman. Wash your hands. It’s the phrase of the year. It’s the inspiration for our latest fashion illustration. In the background is an extract from a Gustav Klimt painting titled ‘Medicine’ depicting the cycles of life with the Greek goddess Hygieia (the goddess of Health). Hygieia sits behind our figure in the illustration. Hygieia’s name is sworn upon in Hippokrates’ first oath. First recognized with a cult following outside of Athens, the plagues of 429 and 427 BCE saw the adoption of Hygieia and her counterpart Asklepios into the city of Athens. In times of death and plague we call upon Hygieia. The name from which we now call hygiene is a description of health rather than healing. Sensibility in daily habits for common health is hygiene.
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