Sarah Love

I Stand For Love Flag

This is a flag for a nation that believes in Love as the basis for justice, the guiding principle, the true north and the natural way of being. Each of the 50 hearts has a similar base layer of deep burgundy while the top layers are made with 50 different brushes and 50 different colors. Each completely unique yet similar in composition. With the vibrant yellow background symbolizing a new beginning, the dawn. The stripes as a whole represent diversity, strength and the imperfection of being human. Black and brown are the foundation of it all. May we forever honor and pay tribute to the Black, Indigenous, People of Color. Pink is for the feminine principle and the color of what lies just under the surface of our skin. The red for the blood shed that has saturated this land (and many others) and also for the blood of all women who experience death and rebirth every month and who literally birth every human being that ever lived. Then the five colors ascending in the rainbow to bring forth the full spectrum of the non-binary. Each also representing parts of ourselves, parts of nature, parts of our past, present and future. The whole being Bright, colorful, layered with meaning and hope, truth and nuance, imperfect lines joining them together in one image.
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