Kelly Neighbors

I Will Keep You Safe

Being a mother to young children during such uncertain times is hard. Shielding them from the falling world around them. Protecting them from this virus, from all the fear of the unknowns. Constantly explaining to little ones why we can’t go to school and see teachers and friends, why we can’t go see family, why we can’t have their birthday parties, why we can’t go to the grocery store, why we can’t play on the playground, why we so infrequently leave our homes. Children are such little heroes as they too have given up so much yet understand and comprehend so little. I truly hope my little ones grow up to remember this time of family togetherness and that they had the time of their lives inside our four walls while the world was crumbling around them and they didn’t even know it. 🙏🏻 ‘I Will Keep You Safe’ - April 15, 2020 - Digital abstract illustration - original artwork by Kelly Neighbors.
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