Melinda Šefčić

Inhale Life

The title of the work is "Inhale Life". This is a mural that I made in the Lung Disease Clinic Jordanovac in Zagreb in 2019. Unfortunately, on top of the coronavirus situation that we are facing, three weeks ago we head a strong earthquake, and the hospital was seriously damaged. The intention is to demolish the hospital and build a new one, and thus this work will never again serve the health of lung patients and hospital staff. By this symbolic work, I am alluding to life, to breathe, to health, to the desire for recovery, to positive thoughts, strength, love, faith, and perseverance. I want to contribute to the psychic power of the observer, to turn negative thoughts to positive ones. At the same time, with this work, I want to contribute to the re-aestheticization of the hospital space with the art and thus the rehumanization of space with the power of artwork.
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