kristina stanojevic

Invisible war

A life-size sculpture that carries the message of personal hygiene, hand washing . A commonplace in our lives, which, at this very moment of isolation, is our personal weapon in this invisible war. The arms are positioned so that they are ready for the act of 'touch'. The touch of clean and dirty hand. Right, dominant, which gives hope, strength, a better future, healing, as well as the left, the weaker, the unprotected, the dirty one. Yellow is the light in the darkness, the ray of sunshine that illuminates these dark days of self isolation, the freshness that we all need, but at the same time the color of danger, warning, also yellow color draws the viewer's attention and tells its story at the same time. It is also important to mention a pedestal that clearly tells our obligation to stay home and be responsible for ourselves and others. The setting is exhibited in nature, in the yard, as a form of sarcastic communication with the outside world, which, however, is virtually played out. #STAYHOME
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