Janell Hill

It’s good in my heart

My husband as well as our entire community, friends, my family, and my patients work in the gas and oil industry. I painted this piece on the day we watched the cost of crude oil in the stock markets drop from $30 to $-40.00 a barrel. I’m currently still laid off, I’m homeschooling my children, and my husband has been working and has been considered essential, I pray it stays the same, but only time will tell, so I need to be grateful for each day he has a job, and I am trying to remain present in this moment. There are lots of political views about the gas and oil industry. But as of today, my friends, until we can totally use a different form of energy, I want people to know it is good to use all resources, including gas and oil. The price of gas right now at the tanks is so cheap! You might think this is awesome! But at what cost? At the cost of our friends and consumers jobs, careers and professions. Before political views are casted, I hope this painting can help others first consider the many families who’s lives have been severely affected. I also hope it brings peace to others who feel like me.
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