Joshua Knudtson

Joshua Knudtson, Corona, 2.5’ in dis, Corona beer bottles/burlap and plaster/medical plaster tape to finish.

We live in a civilization today that has been globalized and the people have made exponential scientific advancement in Medicine and Information Technology. Our Medical Advances have raised our life expectancy and cured once impossible to cure ailments. We have crates the Inter Web, a place to store and share copious amounts of data and ideas, as well as, a place to conduct research at high speeds. These advances among many others in various industries logically create a sense of control and security in our ever growing societies. But, as seen in outlets current pandemic, the ability for anyone educated or not to interpret science and have the ability to reach glocal “global and local” communities in real time has been a huge problem with the outbreak of COVID 19. This piece represents the misinformation and racism that has been brought out of the pandemic. I see this piece as a true representation of 2020
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