Jordyn Shay


In this time of solitude. Everything I have worked for has been canceled, I have no job, the future is uncertain. I am left only with the thoughts in my head. Here is an observation of the sense of self. Words are a translation for our experience. Expression is more than words. Physicality enables us to express ourselves beyond words- that are limiting, that are so often misunderstood, many words have more than one meaning, frankly they mean nothing without actions. But words paint the pictures that exist in our mind. So many words all of them time, constantly repeating, writing stories, creating beliefs. Words are a key to our emotions. Therefore defining our reality. Our subconscious repeats dialogue like mantras. “I am ugly.” “I can’t...” “If people really knew who I was on the inside than no one would love me.” When we are constantly labeling ourselves, and everything in the world around us- “good” “bad” “like” “dislike” when we assume expectations, we limit our experience. We think, we believe, therefore, so it is.
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