Briana Diaz


It is weird to say that we have lived through a global pandemic. Two years ago we would not be thinking that we would be putting long qutips up our noses. The beginning of this lockdown was a scary and difficult time. School was online, everybody was working from home, the world was quiet and the streets were filled with silence. Governor Kathy Hochul announced that, as of Wednesday, March 2, the statewide mask mandate for students and school employees will be lifted. A moment that seemed like so far away and almost a dream came true. For this project, I want to show the laughter and smiles that have been hidden and covered from masks. Laughter is something that we all share leaving us with memories and during Covid, we may have relayed on eyes or our body language. The sound of laughter and the smiles that we share with one another shows the connection between humans and the delight that we get from each other.
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