Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke

Lemons Conversation

Lemons Conversation. Los Angeles, 3/27/2020 '.S.i.x. F.e.e.t.' series about social distancing. While strolling for 20 minutes in my residential neighborhood, I ran into a French neighbor whom I happened to see by chance in the street the day before on another promenade. We talked with each from across the street, each one standing on our sidewalk. Then she asked me If I had any lemons in my backyard. Listening to her voice inflections, the lemons sounded like a rare treasure to find. I told my neighbor I will bring several to her house. On my way back to her home with a bag of lemons, I crossed path with another French neighbor who also is a friend of the first French woman. As we were respecting our 6 feet distance, we also talked about how lemons are such great fruits. Then briefly, she explained she was worried about her son ‘s sudden fever and was on her way to buy a new thermometer. We rarely talk to each other but destiny and confinement made us converse much longer on that day as if we were happy to suddenly share our lives in French. I felt as if we were in a village suddenly talking in the middle of the street about lemons and our family lives while maintaining our social distancing etiquette. I almost forgot I was in Mid-City Los Angeles. Back to this image, I happen to unconsciously draw a silhouette of an envelope in the background. Recalling the past when we used to write letters and spend time to describe what was happening in our lives. In this time of forced confinement, we are communicating in different ways with our neighbors, relatives and acquaintances. It seems we are valuing more direct interaction and better listening to how the other one feels. Hopefully, this direct human contact will continue to develop even after the Coronavirus vanishes away.
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