Kevyn Breedon

Let the children play.

Educators and parents have long been worried about the effects of the eradication of unstructured play. Now, with the many challenges faced by families who are trying their best to adjust to a new normal, to, pandemic-working from home, and to pandemic-remote learning, some children have even less opportunities to play. However, play is the work of childhood, play is crucial for happy and healthy development, and play will help our children build resilience in what is proving to be a traumatic time for all ages. Play could look like time spent connecting with nature, pursuing passions, or a movement of children displaying their artwork from their bedroom windows for other children while walking by. Although many usual rituals places of play such as sports and playgrounds are off limits, it is still important to remember find ways to let the children play. ----- Brief description of myself: I am a FTM transgender artist, musician, and educator, born and raised in Ohio. I just turned 29 years old!
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