Kruthika Sundaram

Let us turn the page before it is too late!

I believe this Covid19 pandemic to be nature's way of warning us, humans, to be more respectful of the planet we live in and to not take it for granted. It reminds us that our species is just a part of something more powerful and holistic. I here show an anthropocentric world on the left, filled with man made inventions to improve his life on this planet, like industries, machines, and plastic. Humans have been plundering Earth (drilling rigs and deforestation) to satisfy their greed, with no regard for the planet itself or the other plant and animal species that live on it. The result of all this is a world covered with landfills, pollution and infections. It is about time we turned the page to a new globe where humans learn to just be a part of the whole ecosystem, where they coexist with other species and nature, through sustainable means.
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