Darra Sargent

Love your neighbor.

Love your neighbor. Through all of this, I have been thinking about all the people out there that are still experiencing prejudice. I haven’t been able to keep my sanity and I’m not even being judged by everyone that walks by me. This is not the time for bigotry. This is not the time for prejudice. This is the time for equality, all inclusive, unconditional love and second chances. So love your neighbor. Love your queer, trans, black, latinx, indigenous, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, addicted, poor, homeless, immigrant, disabled, progressive, activist, ex con neighbor. And love them all equally. We don’t know everyone’s story, we don’t know why they made the decisions they did. We don’t know why that person could have went to jail, how they became an addict, why they’re homeless or poor. This is the time to love and support every single human being regardless of their past, their religion, their gender, their sexual orientation. If we are going to get through this we truly do need to come together and help one another. I truly hope this experience shows the people that have been judgmental in the past that you are just one missed paycheck away from being homeless. Not everyone that’s struggling did something horrible to get there. Not everyone that’s homeless is an addict. Not every addict is a terrible person. I know we are all going through a hard time, so bigotry should be the LAST thing on our minds.
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