Kamiri Williams

Masked Freedom

This piece is called Masked Freedom. I wanted to use the significance of a mask and use it to represent something. I chose for it to represent a parachute. In the composition the child is using the mask as a parachute to go home. The child uses the mask (parachute) to help land safely with their family. The earth as a whole represents the idea that no matter where the child is or how far, they will come home. The galaxy represents “space” and how the distance can be great, but the child will find their family with the help of being protected and having security in the parachute. To be distant with each other, we lost that freedom. The freedom to be close with others. However, with a mask we can surely protect the ones we love and be closer to them than before. To take the initiative and cover up, is leading to the greater chance of being with those we love again.
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