Justin Wu

Masked Heroes

“Masked Heroes,” 2020 By WÜND三RKIND X QREATIVE Medical professionals are our real life global heroes right now. We want to show our appreciation and admiration for their bravery and selflessness. The words in our artwork’s background are quoted and translated from Alessia Bonari, an Italian nurse. Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and cast a dark shadow on all of us... However, the actions that our nurses and doctors have taken to battle the virus give us hope. We don’t necessarily know all of our masked heroes’ identities. This shows us that someone that we might not know on a personal level can still make an incredibly large impact on us and the rest of humankind. While our masked heroes are at the forefront of the battle... the rest of us have to do our part and practice social distancing. THANK YOU EVERYONE AND PLEASE STAY SAFE!
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