Nina Kuo

MaskNurse -6 Feet distance and has + mask for safety

My art is to include ALL people of the world- We are seen as innocent citizens of the globalized world - we follow the rules and will win a Heart for our painful days that need compassiona nd a smile- tribute to my nurse friends that endure alot but can offer hope. She is a true angel and has sacrificed much - we must remember to keep these rules so keep these friendly reminders as everyday kindness is given. thanks to our community that grows each day and offers some cute fun too ( as the colors suggest- for all ages to enjoy) my work is like an "artquake" see wikipedia on my feminist activism too. I am proud of making some change all the time- esp. for POC and Asian Am. I was involved w/ many artists of color since 80's and exhibited in shows ( w/ H. Pindell, Aiweiwei, etc.)
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