Sarah Alexander

Mother Nature

Mother Nature has been crying out for help with her pleas falling on deaf ears. For too long we have been caught up in the rat race, chasing after success, status and the ideal materialistic life. We have completely forgot about her. She has blessed us with a place for us to carry out our purpose, succeed, fail, love, learn and grow. Yet we have taken her for granted, ignoring her cries. Through this pandemic we have seen that it is possible to live our lives in a simpler manner where we take into account the effects our actions on Mother Nature. In this short period of time we have seen how she has started to recover. We can no longer function as individuals, we have to operate as a collective if we want to provide our children and the generations to follow with a bright future. The routine and habits we have introduced into our lives during this testing time must not be forgotten when the battle is over, they must become our new norm. It is no longer about the individual but about the collective needs of communities. As a collective we have united and are orientated towards conquering the battle against COVID-19. Finally, we are listening to the cries of Mother Nature and responding. It is breathtaking to see how she is recovering. Her wounds are slowly healing and scars are fading. Her mother's glow is starting to sparkle once again
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