Rachel Wolfe


SLOW DEEP BREATHS text overlaid upon "Mouvement" series reveals nuanced details in imaging technology. Through digital technology, viewers are confronted by water reformed by minuscule film grains amplified after film scanning. An otherwise placid subject is disrupted by aesthetic values. Surrealistic colour manipulations mimic the way that which is right in front of our eyes, becomes elusive when considered as a surface. Looking closer can reveal the methods and machinations of the way what something appears as, comes to being. The series was made by considering the way earth resources are looked at for usage in trade economies. The motives involved in progress, technologies, and territories involve parts that never truly mix, but join in the visual fields in the series. This viewing field becomes realised as a fantasy, the natural beauty of the water overtaken by the hypnotic colour palette of screen technology. The series looks at the nature of desire in relationship to vision, framing the way images are made as subject and process. Viewing distance is activated in the way the images create a sense of movement in stillness.
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