Khilali Marquez

Multiple Personality disorder

This painting represented on two different panels, depicts the psychological disorder “multiple personality disorder”. This is a rare disorder in which one person can have multiple personalities or personas and switch at any given time. It can be as distinct as a child and an adult or as a man and a woman. To depict this disorder I put a person on strings creating the image of a puppet. Each color represents a different personality connected to a series of switches on the persons body. The personalities shown in this piece are a baby, a woman, and a man, all controlling this one woman’s body. I wanted to show this disorder in my art because it is one of the rarest and not much is known about it. People with this disorder may be ridiculed or outcasted over the misunderstanding. The most common misconception of people with mental disorders is that they are dangerous, when that is not nessecarily true. Although my work is showing this particular disorder, other people can still interpret it to their own feelings and life occurrences. The point of my work is to show that you and another person aren’t as different as you think.
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