Somya Lohia

Om Mandala Power

Namaste and hello, Im glad to be submitting this artwork "Om Mandala Power" and it is entirely created by me for mental wellness and healing. With my personal experience the powerful healing energies of OM is infinite. I meditate on OM and it has always helped me balance myself and given infinite power energies to my soul and mind. Its a beautiful feeling of relaxation and clearer thinking. So I thought of sharing it with the world. The mandala pattern around the OM is one of the sacred designs that is often used to meditate and even used for painting into colorful art for therapeutic purposes. I conduct art therapy workshops and I provide my mandala designs and make the students paint them which gives them lots of peace and inner balance and they keep coming back for further workshops. Hope this artwork helps the world through this amazing campaign by your team amplifier art. Love and Light. Let me know if you need me to send the high resolution file. Somya Lohia, Cosmiceyeart.
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