Mohammad Zahyn Saini


The artwork was derived from the devastating news of the deaths of numerous frontliners particularly Doctors that had given their blood and sweat to handle the current pandemic situation all over the world for the people infected. I picked a hero character from a movie that most people know nowadays, Dr Strange to figuratively represent in my artwork as a Doctor who's showing a simple yet substantial routine as we all know that is wearing a mask and washing hands frequently as a virus resistance. The bubbles then pop out giving 4 essential health and safety messages and a 1 final message that really stands out saying "Humanity is saved by just saving one soul". One soul could really make a change in this world. One soul can create a huge impact to the people's lives. One soul really matters. One soul is all we need to start a civilization. So by having the utmost consideration and care and support at this chaotic time by each and one of us could really make the frontliner's job easier and actually prevent more lives from death and this messages could potentially enhance the conscious of the nation by working together as a loving humanity. I honestly hope that my artwork could also inspire people to create more meaningful art and movement as that is what aspire me as an artist and designer. I believe new media is as important and impactful as any other platform that spreads awareness and educate people. Thank you again for giving us a chance to showcase and share our passionate work.
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