Anthony Rangel Apreza


I first off want to start this description with a gratitude on having this opportunity to participate. Thank you. Anywhere you crop in a canvas, there should always be a sign of intention. Design is where I took advantage of that. Wherever the eyes go, the mind follows. My mission for this poster was to send a positive message to every single person in the world. A message about our humanity and the strength we carry. We are all under the same situation where everyone is accountable for there actions. The colors are meant to pop with love and warmth. I knew pandemic didn't have to be a terrifying word therefore I spent time analyzing what it could rather stand for. My result was "People Are Never Defeated Easily, Make It Count." Exclamation points here and there to shout out my message, the word "love" here and there to shout out my care, and the only factor crossed off, is the virus itself. Graphic design has been my passion and my dreams to work in Pentagram Design are getting much closer as the years go on. I need my work to show worldwide because, I love what I do and I love the people who are working so hard right now. My mom is still working hard in her nursing home and she always has been. I dedicate this poster to her, the public, to humanity, in any demographic and race. We are the people. We will not be defeated. We will rise again. Thank you. Anthony Rangel Apreza (TonyBrooks)
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