Miguel Molina


Hello my name is Miguel Molina , I´m an artist from Venezuela. I did this two artworks using an humanized planet earth in order to encourage people to act together as one. The first illustration shows a blue planet earth in a meditation position, using the color orange because of the symbology that this color have and also because of the calm and warm effect that produce. The color Orange is associated with culture, creativity and identity. Occidental traditions associated this color with entertainment and frivolity. Is also present in the oriental religions. In buddhism identifies the monks ( BUDA itself picked this color ) , also in the hinduism is the color of the clothes that the *SADHU wear. *saint mens that travel the world. and the orange chacra is the plexus or abdomen that is the creative center of the human being. I also used the color light blue to represent a neutral skin that contains all the races like the philosophy of the Mexican Ancient religions. In the second illustration I use the same Humanized planet earth in order to make it accord with the other one, but this time on a fighting scene against the COVID-19 also humanized using Hakamas or wide legs pants being punished by the earth sending the message that we can do it if we work together. Is a message of hope and calm, using simple images to make them easy to understand for any language. I choose an AIKIDO scene because of the philosophy of the martial art that uses the opponent strenght to beat him. And is also related to spirituality and meditation. Both images have a text message but they are formulated to work without text. More than getting money for this , my intention with this works is to share it to a bigger audience to be able to create consciousness about the pandemic situation that were living.
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