Angela Camacho

Piece 2 The Bonita chola

Indigenous communities in the Amazon region are in danger of being "WIPEDOUT" by the coronavirus. Outside viruses are the main cause of death for native communities during history. Brazil and Ecuador are the most affected by those pandemic most of the cases are in the cities but they have now spread across the land including to indigenous territories in the Amazon, putting them in a great danger. With the virus spreading across the forest many are questioning whether the governments will seek to protect indigenous groups, which make up 0.5% of the population in all this planet and defend the 80 % of the biodiversity of the Earth. But seems like they using this virus as a tool of GENOCIDE! Our indigenous siblings are using traditional practices to fight the virus and they been creating tools of information in their own languages. Still they have to fight 2 dangers the virus and EXTRACTIVISM! There is a reported 2312 sites with illegal mining activity and 245 unauthorized mining areas where gold, diamonds, and coltan are mined. Many of then still working now during the quarantine! Yes! During the quarantine because EXTRACTIVISM dont ever stop! In the midst of #COVID19, the rupture of two major pipelines on Tuesday, caused by foreseeable land erosion, is severely contaminating the Coca and Napo rivers in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Hundreds of indigenous peoples’ food & water sources are now dangerously contaminated, and the national lockdown has cut off most outside subsistence alternatives. The Ecuadorian government is neither providing timely information on the magnitude and geographic scope of the spill, nor taking necessary action to ensure the safety of communities downriver. Still we now that our people will survive! We know that we have the ancestral knowledge to fight this! This is not the first time that they try to commit a GENOCIDE towards our community! ———————————————————————— I archive images of women activists and role models from indigenous and black communities in the Abya Yala. Communities which have been historically erased and ignored. Using my mobile phone only, evoke collective memories and stories in the form of accessible digital collages. These are available for communities to reconnect with grassroot movements globally. The work explores constructions of identity, focusing on her inner thoughts and feelings.
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