Ingrid Channa

Please Do Your Best

In multiple states throughout the country, anti-lockdown protests have begun to emerge, urging the re-opening of businesses and states. However, many protesters do not see nor recognize what healthcare workers have endured and seen, and why we disagree with early re-opening of states. Many doctors, with their own families, have locked themselves in garages and prevented themselves from coming in contact with their own family members. Patients, with COVID-19 or not, are passing away alone or over FaceTime, in cold rooms without family, because visitors are not allowed. Many healthcare workers are projected to have PTSD after the pandemic. It's hard, we understand it is hard. But we are trying our best to save you and your loved ones, with tireless hours and sacrifices ourselves. Your job, your family, and your life is important, yes, but if you've ever been to the hospital right now, you'd see why you've got to stay put. Please just hold on a little longer, stay home a little longer, and do your best.
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