Julien van Middendorp

Point of No Return

Julien’s painting is called “Point of No Return”. This oil abstract painting displays his reaction to the current situation with the virus Covid-19. The painting is describing the situation from several perspectives. On the right side are two red shapes that represents the lungs, which symbolises the virus and the dividing for who will live through and who not. Some are already drifting out of the picture. The other are trying to get through the white hole in the middle, which represents hope to live through and find a new way of living. Through the whole painting are pieces falling, which can be seen as the economics falling down. The bright colours represent all society as is. Doctors and nurses giving their best, people helping each other, trying to find their way and deal with the current situation. Point of No Return But for all this painting is about hope, to get through and to deal with our losses. That’s why it’s a “Point of No Return”. We cannot go back as was, only to go to what is. Julien van Middendorp
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