Salomée Souag


This piece focuses on fighting for BIPOC individuals to get the vaccine since they are the most affected group by COVID-19. We are not free until all of us are free and we must fight for each other and stand up for each other. This is a piece about sharing, caring, and depending on each other. In the world of science, Black and brown bodies are usually not included in studies therefore a lot of BIPOC individuals are afraid to get vaccines. This is a design to make them feel empowered by it, this is something that will protect them and their families as well as communities beyond them, this is communicated through the water in the piece as it's shared from person to person. BIPOC individuals are also going to have the hardest time having access to vaccines, this is a piece to empower them to fight for vaccines and seek out information to get more access for their communities as well. I want them to feel that they are worthy of life and power. As a Peruvian and Algerian immigrant in America, I seek to elevate the voices of the oppressed in this country. We are here to reclaim what’s ours. This city needs us more than ever before. Our voice, our vision has power. It holds the power of a thousand ancestors and warriors. This is art for the revolution, art for change. It brings power to the people. Power to the creatives, power to the youth, power to the elders, power to the houseless, power to the marginalized communities. Change is coming, keep fighting.
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