Paula Dager

Prezo a velocidade das tartarugas mais do que a dos mísseis

The day the earth stopped. It wasn`t a meteor neither a hecatomb. It was a virus, a microscope ‘life-form’ who cannot replicate on their own and need a host to produces a thousand of identical copies to survive. This tiny little thing collapsed the system and affected the most important cities around the world. Of course, the earth didn’t stop to rotating but seems nature put humanity in an isolation mode and decided to give us an opportunity to reveal our existence, to show our fragilities and remember the issues of unsustainable modes of production that we live. The sentence “Prezo a velocidade das tartarugas mais do que a dos mísseis”, is from the Brazilian poet called Manoel de Barros which the free translation is “I cherish the velocity of turtles more than the velocity of missiles” My proposal dialogues with the headlines of animals presence in the streets while people have been locked inside their homes to better deal with the healthy emergency. It looks like we switch roles and we are having the experience to live on restrict spaces. In a few days the isolation will be over so let’s take advantage from this period to see what’s really matters and follow the challenge to change our existence.
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