Halle Castille

Prism Pop!

Prism Pop! is a series of sculptures that explores the emotional experience of anxiety. The series is made up of 8 sculptures created from over 200 paper pyramids. I found the act of folding these triangular shapes to be incredibly meditative. My anxiety feels like a dark cloud hovering above me at all times. This idea is mimicked in the pyramid forms which create strong shadows implying deception of value. My battle with anxiety has taught me that light can't exist without darkness. The central prism sculpture symbolizes these struggles, while the mobile overhead is a depiction of my spiraling thoughts. Similar to a prism breaking up light into its constituent colors, the prismatic colors of the relief sculptures represent the way I take in and compartmentalize my personal experiences. I have come to realize that I am a collection of all of these experiences, the good and the bad, the colorful and the dull, and the light and dark.
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