Somya Lohia

Protect Mother Earth

Hi, I am happy to be able to take part in this campaign. My name is Somya And artist name is Cosmiceyeart, I came across this campaign on Instagram. This is a high resolution printable digital artwork created by me. I can surely email you the file if required. Being always inspired by Nature I'm trying to portray a message about how we are protecting our mother Earth by staying safe indoors and masked and at the same time she is regenerating herself because she is strong and I noticed the drop in pollution levels, the birds and the butterflies flying everywhere and the nature is becoming beautiful. The colors and theme according to my experience will sooth the mental process and bring wellness. I have full faith that mother Earth and her beings will be all fine very soon and this pandemic will end. Lets not lose hope. Earth is reguvenating and so are we. Can I post this artwork on my instagram before selection? I wasn't sure if I have the permission to showcase it. Also, How and when is the selection done? Thank you for this great initiative! Looking forward. Love and light Regards, Somya Lohia. Instagram handle- cosmiceyeart www.cosmiceyeart.com
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