Lorna Ritz

“Pulsating Sadness”

40 X 30". oil on canvas. I so am deeply sad, every day, but accomplishing a great deal in my studio work. I am painting the sadness out of me, (until I see the news again). I leave meals I cook at neighbor's who are alone and scared, so they feel connected, and taking lavishly long sunset walks deep into the hayfields with mountain views. I have ten rows planted. But really my life has not changed at all. I am painting so well I hardly know what day it is anymore, unless I have signed up for an online yoga class. I always wanted a life like this...no job, no errands, no doctor's appts., (not even driving my Jeep to the end of my driveway, which would be called, at this time, 'a drive out).' But I have the weight of the world on me for so many people who are suffering. I heard this very week from friends from Italy, New Mexico, Paris, Madrid, etc. It's the same everywhere' we are all frightened, but NYC is the worse. India will be devastating.
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