Kayla Optique

Quarantine Dance.

My name is optique & I been painting my whole life. I took a break for a long time, due to depression. But I painted this within the first week of all this happening before I knew what I knew now. It was almost as if the answer I was looking for was in the questions I was asking. I try to doubt it on my imagination, but after making peace with myself & understanding as long as the imagination lives, anything is posible. You just have to live day by day like it’s your last. Look out for your tribe, always pay attention to the world around you. Don’t let your friends die on you. That life is so fragile & perfect. Made for all of us. But they are evil people. Very eviiiil people on this world. Out to get you. They want control & they want to advance due to people feeling angry at this false entitilment or stupid. They want to compare human organs in the boys locker room. See who’s bigger. Upset they can’t keep 100$ on the street in their pockets. They want to see what they can control out of us. After all the stronger & smarter we get, they loose. Some dumb people really want to see the world burn. As they set it on fire & act confused. Hopefully there’s a greater protector out there that sees us through our vibes. As we are all vessels for our spirits. Maybe aliens living in an imagination of a human, with endless possibilities the world will maybe know. But if we get too stupid that we destroy our earth. Please take our vibes out to another planet. As I am done with humans in this one... as long as I still get to keep my nice tits...
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