Dao Anh Le-Ha


With the recent pandemic outbreak, the coronavirus has revealed along with it ugly racism towards East and Southeast Asians, or rather, any Asian person who looks "Chinese". President Trump referred to COVID-19 as "the Chinese Virus" on live television and multiple times on Twitter. Multiple Asians have been physically attacked on the street when wearing a mask (which is a common and normal part of Asian culture) to protect themselves and their own health and safety. Hate crimes on Asians are ignored by many mainstream media outlets. Inspired by the Twitter and Instagram movement #RacismIsAVirus, this piece addresses the racism against Asians that has only been amplified by coronavirus fears, the racism that is often normalized, excused and ignored. Many Asians feel terror when wearing masks to go out and buy groceries, feel the eyes on them, hear the whispers of "Chinese virus". They fear for their own safety, and not because of COVID-19 itself. Racism is a virus.
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