sangeetha kowsik

Ramadan Mubarak – 5 Different languages

RAMADAN MUBARAK- May your lives be filled with peace, joy, health, happiness! We must stay apart to fight Corona virus, IA it'll end soon, we shall be back together! My Ramadan Art/Design : in 5 Different languages - Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit (my faith Hinduism), Tamil (my South Indian heritage) & Tamazight (language of the Amazigh people of North Africa) CONCEPT : WE as a World are ONE - planet Earth behind a Mosque. More connected than ever before via FaceTime, Zoom, VideoChat etc. My little brothers in Morocco & Iran, My parents/ ustadh in California all helped with translations, while I’m based in NYC! ARCHITECTURE: PYRAMID/ SQUARE light blue- inspired by Southern Desert Mosques of Morocco, native to Amazigh design NOT Arab design. GOLD TOPS - Inspired by Arab Design + Orthodox South Indian Hindu Temples which have gold vessels (called kalasams on top containing water from 7 holy rivers). Islamic moon and star on top. WINDOWS - Middle is “Mughal” Right/Left Amazigh MINARET- An excerpt from a sophisticated poem by Indian Poet Bedel in Persian COLOR PALETTE: Bright colors to celebrate the joy/happiness/gratitude/love Ramadan brings. Inspired by South Indian Hindu Temples & Mosques which are very brightly painted! LANGUAGES: Sanskrit- Ramadan Mubarak first window Tamil - Inniya Ramalan (no “dha” in Tamil) Vartaikal ( Sweet Ramadan Greetings) first window Arabic - Ramadan Mubarak stylized script written in middle window Tamazight - Ramadan / Ifoulki / Ramadan Ambarki Ighudan - (Wish you a Happy/Beautiful Ramadan) Persian - “Take on the characteristics of the Angels during the month of Ramadan” written in minaret (tower) My artwork is a cross cultural mix of Islam, Hinduism, Morocco, India, Arab, Persian, Tamil, Tamazight… lots going on, but diversity is what makes the world beautiful! Everything has a deep meaning/interconnectedness behind it.
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