Sunaina Bhalla

Raw Restoratives#1

Size: 38.5cm x 57cm(15.1inches x 22.4 inches) Medium: Pigment dye hand woodblock print, silk embroidery thread on Indian handmade paper Year: 2020 I have been working with the Body and natural healing processes for the past 5 years. This work is a part of a series of print and embroidery works on handmade paper. Cinnamon is one spice which has multiple health benefits in all cultures. With these series I am brining to focus the need to go back to basics as humans and be as much with nature as possible, appreciating the living of our ancestors and their respect for all things natural. The yellow embroidery alludes to the spice' turmeric' which is a staple and most important ingredient in Indian cooking due to its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.
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