michael doherty

Reconnect, 10X10, 2020

Hello my name is Michael Doherty. I am a 25 year old senior studying Graphic Design at Webster University, St. Louis, MO. For this design I wanted to capture the infinite love and strength of humanity. I initally made this for my classmates to see. I wanted to encourage everyone to overcome their physical isolation by reconnecting through the internet. I plan on silkscreen printing this work once it is safe and I have studio access on campus again. I plan on printing a three color edition of 25. I imagine they will be 10X10. That is the scale of the original PSD project. The image I uploaded is only 5X5. I know this does not meet the requirements of 18X24 but I still feel this work is strong enough to submit. Thank you and stay safe - Mike (Mad Trip Designs)
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