Jayden Kim

Reconnecting to the sea and nature

I think we all need some time to reconnect with nature. We have been crammed up inside while Covid took place. We pollute their habitats and build out homes there. We slaughter them for food and some have gone extinct for these reasons. An example was the simple yet trusting dodo. When explorers traveled to the island they settled on the dodo trusted the explorers. They were relatively slow and got slaughtered for food and eventually went extinct. We need to prevent that from happening now and we need to connect more to nature as well as the sea. We take and don’t give. We need to give back to nature as it gave us materials when humans were beginning life. We underestimate nature and it can’t regrow because we cut it down before it gets a chance. We must stop and take some time to reconnect with nature. Nature used to be beautiful and plentiful until we came in and started wreaking havoc in nature. Parks were abundant with greenery and the sun was shining. We then trample the flower and grass. We polluted the air with smoke. The sea was bright and shining and sea animals were at peace. Then we polluted it with plastic and over fished their species. We need to take time to help heal and have fun in nature.
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