Chaewon Park

Reconnecting with insensibility

I could not feel anything, not at all, nothing. A whirlpool of emotion solemnly went through my core. It was so subtle but bustle, hence only I was able to sense. Small gravel thrown over a pond causes minor ripples, but the fish beneath the surface of the water is struck to death. Like the fuss behind a thin latex, like a goose wriggling more than anyone else in order to live, so did the whirlpool of my emotions. It was my own struggle and a flaw that no one noticed. In the end, my countless- neglected-emotions piled up in layers were more like dirty pallets, that could not be washed in time for several years, than colorful ones. I was suffocated by that thick wall of emotions that were congealed. I could not feel anything, not at all, nothing; just staring with vacant eyes.
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