Tessie Georgitis

Reconnecting with Love/Friendship

In this picture, it is my intermediate family at my godfather’s wedding. It’s a simple picture but with a cute story behind it. My dad and his friend, my godfather, have been bestfriends for a really long time, like perhaps my age or younger? Most people, if you didn’t already know, don’t really stay in touch with their childhood friends once they’ve gone on to be adults and have families of their own. But certainly not my dad and his friend. They hang out quite frequently and update each other about things like sports and whatnot to have involvement in eachothers’ lives and stuff. I thought they would surely grow out of touch someday, because I wasn’t close with my best friends from a year ago, but I was proven wrong! My godfather had the opportunity to go to my dad’s wedding and (years later) my dad had the same chance.
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