Gizelle Rivas

Reconnecting with Culture

Our lady Guadalupe has an important role in the culture and religious life of many Mexicans. She symbolizes protection, faith, and hope. She also symbolizes Mexican American women's motherhood, femininity, oppression and more. In Mexican culture, our lady Guadalupe’s role in history is not just limited to religious matters. She has played an important role in Mexican nationalism; alters such as this one have been created all around the world. Each December 12th, the Mexican Catholic community celebrates el dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe. It is celebrated with thousands attending mass, children wearing blessed traditional costumes with mariachis singing las mañanitas and a feast of traditional dishes. Our Lady Guadalupe isn’t only important to the Hispanic community but important to others as well. Our Lady Guadalupe portrays hope, and throughout these couple of years hope is what people really need.
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